"Where drama, trauma and chaos ends."

Love yourself ...

Enough to take actions required for your happiness...

Enough to cut yourself out from the drama-filled past...

Enough to set a high standard for relationships...

Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner...

Enough to forgive yourself ...

Enough to move on!

Hi, I am Isabel,

I am an Intuitive life coach, and healer.


I am specialized in helping women who have experienced abuse to find their way back to self-love.


I am passionate about helping my clients to awaken to their inner power. Free themselves from fears, dramas and conditions that prevent them from being happy. Helping them to get out of the role of victims and to take control of their lives. Overcoming limiting beliefs and what prevents them from living to their fullest potential.


It is a joy to watch the transformation they go through and see them become empowered and in charge of their life.



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