Mindfulness is the act of experiencing attentive stillness making us receptive to wholeness. 

 The shift of perception from fragmentation and isolation to wholeness and interconnectedness helps facilitate healing at the primary level. This paradigm shift also reduces feelings of helplessness and introduces the possibility of choice to the individual.


 The primary focus of mindfulness exercises is to explore different ways in which to restore inner balance regardless of external circumstances. Stress-resistant individuals also exhibit a strong sense of coherence. They are able to perceive life events, even under extreme stress, as meaningful. They are also able to relate to inner and outer experiences as learning opportunities through which to grow and move on.


 The cultivation of mindfulness leads to the development of aspects such as resilience, self-awareness, social intuition and attention amongst other positive emotions. Most importantly, it is important to recognise that one’s emotional personality or style can be accepted as well as transformed through mindfulness practices.


 Mindfulness practices are designed to promote empathy and compassion which help us establish meaningful and supportive relationships with others. It is a normal, human wish to want to be a part of something that is larger than us. Regular mindfulness and meditation practices help develop empathy and compassion which are crucial components that help foster social bonds.

 Incorporating mindfulness meditation in my coaching programs help my clients to have a clear vision of their objectives, enhance their focus and improve their results.

  • Less frequency and duration of illness;

  • Enhanced immunity;

  • Improved cognitive function, including memory, concentration, creativity and imagination;

The benefits of mindfulness meditation include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Improved digestion and quality of sleep;

  • Reduced levels of irritability, impatience, anxiety and depression;

  • More harmonious relationships;

  • Enhanced levels of happiness, wellbeing and calmness in the face of stress.

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