Isabel Souza Mendes is an Intuitive Life Coach and master energy Healer (ThetaHealing® and Access Bars®) with the mission of helping women who have suffered from toxic relationships, find their way back to self-love, self-respect and fulfilment. Facilitating the healing of wounds that are still open and also bringing healing and understanding to the initial wound, the starting point and the subconscious beliefs that lead these people to attract unhealthy relationships into their lives.

Isabel works with women determined to change their lives, to free themselves from patterns of dissatisfaction codependency or abuse. She guides them in the process of discovering who they really are and what they really want, generating clarity, determining priorities, establishing healthy boundaries and reconnecting with themselves and their dreams, making it safe for them to love again.


Isabel has a natural and strong intuition and offers a deep holistic experience to her clients. Combining her coaching skills with powerful healing techniques facilitating a profound, rapid and efficient healing. 


Mother of 3 children she was born in Brazil, but currently lives in London after spending 10 years in Paris and 5 years in Dubai.


"Last month I had a couple of what were the beginning of life changing sessions with Isabel. I am now in greater peace with myself and others, which had given me the energy and excitement to explore new things. Thank you Isabel for enabling this."

Mia Hasenson-Gross

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