From scared to confident: learning how to cope and thrive after a toxic relationship


  From November 4th to

  December 9th 2020* 

It's time to go deep and overcome once and for all the trauma related to a toxic relationship

  • For 6 weeks we will be live with you to guide you on this healing journey.


  • 6 weeks to dive deep and understand the reasons why we enter or attract this type of relationship and how can we change that.

  • 6 weeks to learn how to take control back of your life.

  • To understand new ways to practice self-love and self-forgiveness.

  • To learn how to build healthy boundaries and discover how you can keep yourself in your zone of happiness.

  • Also to learn how to connect with your desires and how to use the powerful energy of them to move your life forward.  

  • The advantages of live meetings and group coaching are that you will be there with us interacting and answering your questions and doubts in the moment the classes take place.

  • You will be able to connect and meet other women like you who are on this healing path.

  • We will form a small community of support and friendship with people capable of understanding our problems;


So let's do it together?

What's included:



  •  Weekly 1 x 1H30 meetings on Zoom. Filled with lessons and practices to understand and achieve healing. We going to have different energy healing sessions(Reiki, ThetaHealing, Access) to eliminate some blocks and traumas.


  • Email support between sessions. To guide you with less fear, more actions, and more significant impact.

  • Applicable worksheets, exercises and specific meditations and other useful tools to support you throughout your series. We are going to work on each action you need to take, what is the next step and how to be present and focused on each step. 

Ready to invest in yourself?

Only $297,00 (Value: $ 3350)

for the entire 6 weeks program*

*Starting November 4th ending December 9th - replay available up to 4 months after the program finishes.

What people say:

Caroline Jones

Caroline is a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, she providesReiki therapy, Intuitive Readings (no cards), spiritual awakenings, in depthspiritual healing and distance healing. She is a Clairvoyant and qualified Mindset Life Coach, specializedin assisting people in releasing old patterns of behaviour and help guide them to see what their patterns are.

She performs energy healing which involves chakra clearing and removing other energy blockages that can occur in the body from past traumas or just from everyday upsets. She also receives intuitive messages/ information from the client's guides as to what they may need to work on, on a physical, spiritual or emotional level.

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Isabel Mendes

Isabel Mendes is an Intuitive Life Coach and masterEnergy Healer, with the mission of helping women who have experienced abuse, find their way back to self-love. Helping them to leave the role of victims and take control of their lives. Facilitating the healing of wounds that are still open and helping them to overcome the pain to become stronger and more confident
Isabel works with women determined to change their lives, to free themselves from patterns of abuse and disrespect. She guides them in the process of discovering who they really are and what they really want, generating clarity, determining priorities, boundaries and reconnecting with themselves and their dreams.
Born in Brazil, she currently lives in London after spending 10 years in Paris and 5 years in Dubai.

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